I’m New

Services are happening Online!  You can watch our live stream service via our Facebook page!  You can also visit our "Sermons" tab here on our website to view previous sermon messages.  Invite a Friend and watch online together!

1.) What time is church service?

As you know during this time our building is not open, however that does not mean we are not providing a worship service and message!  We invite you to join us online via our Facebook page. We begin live streaming our services at 11:00 am.

2.) How Long are the services?

Our services last approximately 45 minutes and we're confident you'll find them authentic and full of sound Biblical  doctrine.  Our music is a mix of Modern and classic arrangements presented by our I.O.U. Praise Band.

3.) Is there a dress code?

Well, right now that is up to you what you want to wear while sitting in your house!   Hahaha.  Seriously though, when we are able to meet in our building we do not have a dress code.  You can “dress up” if you want, or wear casual clothes. It really is whatever you feel comfortable wearing.  We are just glad you stopped by online for a Biblical message!