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Meet Our Staff

Pastor Ken Slaughter


Senior Pastor

Ken and Trina have been enjoying married life since 1994 and have two adult children: Moriah (married to Josiah Yates) and Josiah.  As a seven on the Enneagram, Ken is always looking for the next adventure. He has a nice set of golf clubs, but doesn't know how to use them! He'd rather be hunting, fishing, or riding his bicycle anyway.

Before becoming a pastor, Ken was a Nuclear Reactor Operator/Electronics Technician in the Navy, Aircraft Refueling Supervisor for UPS, Prison Guard, and had his own horseshoeing business.

Ken holds an MDIV from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been a pastor since 2003. He has been at Mt. Repose since 2006, He prefers expository preaching and loves telling stories from his Navy days in his Sermons.


Pastor Josh Robertson

Pastor Josh & Laquita

Associate Pastor

Josh and Laquita met at the end of 1999 and married in 2005.  They came to Mt. Repose in 2009 and feel that God led them straight to our church.  Josh felt the call into ministry early in his teen years, but took a bit longer to answer that call.  He does have a different set of life experiences from most that are in pastoral positions.  Josh is the first to complete the Pastoral Internship here at Mt. Repose, and feels blessed to have been given a different perspective on life that God is using to His Glory.  Josh has a full time job outside of the Church and has worked as a Commercial Electrician for over 20 years.  Pastor Josh would love the opportunity to talk to you about where you are now and how you can grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!



Laquita Robertson

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Hi there, my name is Laquita!  I'm married to Josh Robertson, the Associate Pastor of Mt. Repose, and we have three adult children.  We're a blended family and it's been an amazing journey.  Chris, my oldest son, gifted me with Grandchildren, Mattheau and Zoey. Brian, Josh's son, has taught me many life lessons about what it means to be a step mom. My daughter, Zara, is married to Wayne and they are all wonderful kids!

My Grandson, Mattheau, was diagnosed with Autism. That fueled in me a desire to connect with other families in the ASD world and let them know they are not alone. They are loved and welcomed here at Mt. Repose!

I work from home and volunteer in the church office helping our Pastors with daily clerical needs. I'm also the lead singer in our wonderful IOU Praise band! Singing is a passion of mine. During warm weather, if I'm not at home with family or at church you can most likely find me on my paddle board at the lake soaking in the beauty of God's creation!


Ashley Martin


Children's Ministry Leader

Matt (Youth Leader) and Ashley (Children’s Ministry Leader) have three children. They understand the challenges of raising children to be followers of Christ in today’s world. When they’re not at church, they’re often found with their kids at football, basketball, baseball, or cheerleading events. Their family also loves going camping and hanging out on the back deck with their dogs. They do all this while also building their careers (Office Manager and Mortgage Processor). Needless to say, life is busy for the Martins!

How do they find time to LEAD in the church? Well, it all comes down to priorities. We can all make time for what we most value. Matt and Ashley believe following Jesus is the most important thing in life. So, they do all they can to lead their children as they follow Christ themselves.

Life for the Martins is a beautiful journey. And it took an unexpected turn in July 2016 when their youngest was diagnosed with Autism. As a family, their spiritual needs changed. And they were drawn to Mt. Repose FBC, where people (including families with autism) are valued, loved, and supported.

Steve Pickelheimer


Praise Band/Worship Leader

At the age of 7, I was saved in this church.  My wonderful Christian parents just felt like Mt. Repose was the place for them and I've spent most of my life worshiping here.  God has blessed our congregation with some wonderful people and pastors over the years.  I've been involved with the music at this church from an early age and it's been a true blessing to help lead our progression of worship through music.  A few years ago my niece, Amanda, and I started a praise "duo".  A generous donation of a small drum kit triggered more growth as our pastor's son became our drummer. Then, the Lord brought us Mike, who became not only our lead guitar player, but also a husband for Amanda! So now the band has grown into a talented group of 6; Laquita, Sami, Josiah, Amanda, Mike and myself.  We are the I.O.U. Praise Band!  We rework some of the older praise songs as well as covering some current mainstream songs.  It's been a lot of fun, an incredible blessing, and an exciting journey. I'm sure the best is yet to come!

Pam Poe


Choir Director

Pam Poe has been involved with music since learning to play clarinet in 5th grade. By 8th grade she had also learned to play bassoon and had decided to study music in college.  In 1976 she graduated from Wittenberg University with a Bachelor of Music Education degree.  She went on to teach instrumental music and  children's church choir for several years. She is now the adult choir director at Mt Repose Church.  Her goal is to teach scripture through music and welcomes all to join our choir who love to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord!"