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Pastor Bill Hounshell

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Transitional Pastor

Pastor Bill Hounshell has been in the ministry for almost 50 years.  He has pastored several churches in the Ohio area.  God has tremendously blessed his ministry allowing him to grow some of the fastest growing churches in our state.  He came to Mt Repose over a year ago and continues to challenge us in the Word of God.  Pastor Bill is committed to the Word and his total support of what the Bible says.  We promise you when you come you will walk away closer to our God than you have ever been.

If you would like to speak to Pastor Bill you can contact him via email at billh.pst@gmail.com or our main confidential email mtreposefbc@gmail.com.


Pastor Josh Robertson

Pastor Josh & Laquita

Associate Pastor

Hey I'm Pastor Josh.  Laquita and I met at the end of 1999 and we married in 2005.  We came to Mt. Repose in 2009 and feel that God led us straight to this church.

I felt the call into ministry early in my teen years, but took a bit longer to answer that call.  I have a different set of life experiences from most that are in a pastoral positions.  I am the first to complete the Pastoral Internship here at Mt. Repose, and feel blessed to have been given a different perspective on life that God is using to His Glory.  I have a full time job outside of the Church and have worked as a Commercial Electrician for over 20 years.  I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about where you are now and how you can grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!  You can reach me via the confidential church email, mtreposefbc@gmail.com.


Laquita Robertson

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Administrative Assistant

Hi there, my name is Laquita!  I'm married to Josh Robertson, the Associate Pastor of Mt. Repose, and we have three adult children.  We're a blended family and it's been an amazing journey.  Chris, my oldest son, gifted me with Grandchildren, Mattheau and Zoey. Brian, Josh's son, my wonderful bonus son, has taught me many life lessons about what it means to be a step mom. My beautiful daughter, Zara, is married and her and her husband, Wayne are amazing, have their own business. They are all wonderful kids!

My Grandson, Mattheau, was diagnosed with Autism at around 2 years old. That fueled in me a desire to connect with other families in the ASD world and let them know they are not alone. They are loved and welcomed here at Mt. Repose!

I work part time and volunteer in the church office helping our Pastors with daily clerical needs. I'm also the lead singer in our wonderful IOU Praise band! Singing is a passion of mine. If I'm not at home with family or at church you can most likely find me  soaking in the beauty of God's creation!  If I can help you please contact me via our confidential email at mtreposefbc@gmail.com.